Ryan’s Recycle Challenge

Hi everyone, over the past 5 years, I’ve recycled nearly 300,000 cans and bottles. That’s about 60,000 lbs that we kept out of the ocean or landfills. You might have seen me on the Ellen show, ABC World News, CNN’s Young Wonders or watched one of the viral videos of my recycling story on social media. I’ve been asked by many people across the world how we can work together to help save the planet and I’ve come up with a way we can do it.

Will you help by joining my Ryan’s Recycling Challenge? Here’s how it works:

Go to https://www.beadoer.io/ryan

  1. Click that Donate Now button to open the form.
  2. Tell me how many cans, bottles, and glass you’re recycling this week. We’re doing this each week for 10 weeks!
  3. Optionally give financially towards my goal (the money we raise will be donated to the Pacific Marine Mammal Center)
  4. Come back next week and enter your new recycling total. We’ll have the goal updated every time you submit.
  5. Share this with #RyansRecyclingChallenge on Twitter and Instagram and Facebook!

I’m hoping that all of us together can recycle in ten weeks what I’ve done by myself in 5 years. (300,000 cans and bottles)


It’s really important to recycle and keep wildlife from being affected by pollution. I’m doing my best to clean up our beaches and protect the planet and I hope you will join me. That’s why we’ve partnered with my friends at the Pacific Marine Mammal Center. The money we collect here will go to help volunteer efforts to rescue and rehabilitate seals and sea lions.

Recycling helps the Earth, people, plants, animals and other living things, it’s very easy to recycle. You just have to grab a bottle, toss it in the correct bin. Boom! I need your help to spread the word and help make the world a better place. Together we can commit to recycling cans and bottles and raise money to make the biggest impact possible.

Please go to https://www.beadoer.io/ryan and click that donate button up to join my recycling challenge and spread the word.

Thanks a lot! I know we can do it!