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Ryan's Recycling

Ryan interviewed by Nothing Wasted podcast JUNE 3

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June 3, 2019 | Ryan Hickman, Founder of Ryan’s Recycling

At only 9 years old, Ryan Hickman has big dreams of saving the planet (and feeding those California sea lions) one bottle and can at a time. We talked to Ryan about how $5 from his first trip to a recycling facility turned into a huge passion, how his family helps with Ryan’s Recycling, his successful beach cleanups, and how this helps him master math and geography. Oh and how he met Ellen DeGeneres and took over Lebron James’ Instagram story. (true story!) Get ready to be inspired by this young entrepreneur.

Half Million recycled!

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Today’s the day I broke the 500,000 cans and bottles recycled mark with the latest trip today to the recycling center. It’s taken me six years to recycle half a million plastic bottles, aluminum cans and glass containers. It’s a lot of work but I’m so happy to keep that out of the ocean and landfills. I recycle a lot of stuff that I don’t get paid for but the majority of what I take to the recycling center is plastic bottles. Thank you to all of my great customers who call me each week to pick up and special thanks to George at El Niguel Country Club for helping me save the planet. Next stop – 1 million cans and bottles! Here we come!

San Diego Earth Fair

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Today I hung out at the Sand Cloud canopy at the San Diego Earth Fair. It was an awesome day and I had a lot of people stop by to say hi to me and to take pics with me. My favorite though was meeting a new friend who follows me on Instagram. They are from Kyrgyzstan! They brought me a really cool hat from their country and a little souvenir house. Thank you Sand Cloud for hosting my meet and greet and thank you everyone who came and met me.

Donating recycling bins to Sand Cloud

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On this trip I connected two of my supporting partner companies. Busch Systems provides me with the recycle bins I use and they donated a bunch of them for me to giveaway to my friends at Sand Cloud! Sand Cloud is going to use them for their beach clean ups and events to make sure everything gets recycled correctly and doesn’t end up in the landfill. Speaking of recycling and Sand Cloud… stay tuned next week for a new announcement of something I’m doing with them and I can’t wait to share with everyone. Have a great week everyone and thank you Busch Systems!

‘Animals should be alive’: 9-year-old recycling entrepreneur helps fund Laguna Beach sea mammal rescue center

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