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Ryan speaks at Brain Bar in Budapest, Hungary

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Ryan had a great time speaking about recycling and taking care of the environment at 2021 Brain Bar. See Ryan’s interview here. Budapest was beautiful and we wished we could have stayed longer. A quick trip to the Cat Cafe Budapest and a lot of walking around the city to check out the sights was a lot of fun plus Ryan tried goulash for the first time (loved it) and found a lucky 100 Forint coin too. Thank you Budpest and the entire Brain Bar team for making this trip happen. #recyclelikeryan

Thank you Ocean Sole!

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I received a really cool gift from Kenya in the mail today!

My friends at Ocean Sole remove trash from the ocean and coastlines and they make art out of abandoned flip flops. They’ve picked up over 750,000 flip flops around the world this year (along with all the other trash they pick up)! How cool is that?!

Not only are they cleaning up the planet, they are creating jobs in Nairobi, Kenya. I hope to visit them someday to say thank you in person but in the meantime, I’m going to keep doing what I can in my community to make a difference.

Help make a difference by supporting their efforts at www.oceansoleonline.com

Ryan featured in Argentina’s Genios Magazine

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Genios is the largest kid’s magazine in Argentina so Ryan is super excited to be part of it this month!

Here’s Ryan’s interview questions in the magazine:

How did you become interested in recycling and how did your project begin and grow so much to become a company?

My dad took me to the recycling center when I was about 3 1/2 years old. I really liked going because it was fun and I learned it was helping our planet. I started off by asking our neighbors to recycle with me and it grew and grew to hundreds of families that now call us to come pick up from them. My story went viral when I was 7 years old and since that time I’ve been featured on many tv shows and in books and magazines like Genios.

Why do you think recycling is so important? Do you aim to inspire kids (and adults!) all over the world to become conscious about it?

I think recycling is so important because it’s something that we can all do easily and I’m so happy that I have had a chance to inspire people all over the world to recycle what they can each day. Every can and bottle makes a difference. I hear from hundreds of people every day through email and social media messages from around the world that are recycling and taking care of our planet. That inspires me to do more too.

What is the best thing you have learned through all these years and who have helped you?

Probably the best thing I’ve learned over the past few years is what is recyclable or not and how we can all do better with reducing, reusing, and recycling. I’ve also learned that recycling isn’t available everywhere on the planet and I plan to change that with my new non profit organization Project3R.

I would like to tell kids in Argentina to follow their passions and kids can make a difference just like adults no matter where they live. If an eleven year old kid like me can make a difference, you can too.

New shirt alert!

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NEW SHIRT ALERT! Hot off the press! We just got these in stock and we have limited quantities. This new shirt and every shirt sold on my web site helps my friends at Pacific Marine Mammal Center because proceeds from the sales are donated to help with their rescue efforts. Buy a shirt, save a seal (or sea lion). We didn’t do any kids sizes in this one (except for me) so it’s adult sizes only for now. Get yours here.