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Nickelodeon’s Kids and the Impact on Climate Change appearance

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I had a fun time filming for Nickelodeon’s “Kids and the Impact on Climate Change” special. I met some amazing kids and learned some new things too. If you didn’t catch it on tv tonight, hopefully the highlights will be online. We filmed against a green screen surrounding us so it was really cool to see how they dropped in a background on the show. Earth Day is almost here but you don’t have to wait until 4/22 to make a difference. Pick up a piece of trash or recycle what you can. Every bit helps!

Old Navy’s Head of Funcycling

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I’m so excited to be working with Old Navy! In honor of the 51st Annual Earth Day, Old Navy will donate to up to 51 kid-led green fundraisers through the end of 2021 and in my new role at Old Navy, I will be helping select kid-led GoFundMe sustainability projects to sponsor! Join us in supporting the next generation to #imagineabetterfuture.

Check out our program details here and my video here. I got to film with one of my favorite dogs too. Lana was awesome!

Ryan interviewed by Authority Magazine

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Young Change Makers: How Ryan Hickman of Ryan’s Recycling Is Helping To Make A Difference In Our World

Ryan inspired JUMP START comic from Robb Armstrong

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I’m so excited that the creator of the cartoon JUMP START, Robb Armstrong sent me his original illustration board of today’s episode! I filmed a commercial in NY in November and he heard me speak about how we have to find a way to clean up the great garbage patch out in the Pacific Ocean and it inspired him to make this comic about that very topic. Thank you Robb for sending this to me. It’s so cool!

Ryan featured by Power of Positivity

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Ryan Hickman started his own recycling company at just three years old after visiting the local recycling center in Orange County, CA. When Ryan went with his Dad to turn in a few bags of cans and bottles. He immediately fell in love with recycling. At that moment, he knew he wanted to run his own recycling company to help the planet. So, the day after visiting the center, Ryan told his parents about his plans.

He said he wanted to provide empty plastic bags to his neighbors in hopes they’d save their recyclable materials for him. All the neighbors ended up saving their cans for Ryan. And then he rallied his friends, family, and his parents’ coworkers. Now, Ryan has customers all over Orange County, and his recycling company is doing better than ever. He spends a portion of each week sorting through cans and bottles from customers to get them ready for the recycling center… (read more)

Ryan featured in BE PLASTIC CLEVER book by Amy and Ella Meek

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Last year I did an interview with my friends Amy and Ella Meek. They made a book about how to limit plastic pollution and it’s filled with awesome examples and stories or people doing amazing things around the world. I’m so happy to be featured in it. Order yours today and find out more about the exciting stuff that Amy and Ella are doing at https://www.kidsagainstplastic.co.uk/