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Donating recycling bins to Sand Cloud

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On this trip I connected two of my supporting partner companies. Busch Systems provides me with the recycle bins I use and they donated a bunch of them for me to giveaway to my friends at Sand Cloud! Sand Cloud is going to use them for their beach clean ups and events to make sure everything gets recycled correctly and doesn’t end up in the landfill. Speaking of recycling and Sand Cloud… stay tuned next week for a new announcement of something I’m doing with them and I can’t wait to share with everyone. Have a great week everyone and thank you Busch Systems!

‘Animals should be alive’: 9-year-old recycling entrepreneur helps fund Laguna Beach sea mammal rescue center

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2019 Young Hero Award from the Aquarium of the Pacific

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Thank you Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, CA for the 2019 Young Hero Award today – it’s super cool and it’s going on my wall in my bedroom tomorrow. I got to take a behind the scenes tour and I met the divers who clean the tanks and feed the fish. I had a lot of my friends and family come cheer me on too. Thank you for supporting me everyone and thank you for recycling too.

Donating recycle bins to Eastwood Elementary

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My friends at Busch Systems gave me recycle bins to donate to anyone I wanted so decided to give 5 bins to Eastwood Elementary School in Irvine, California. One of the students had reached out to me to see if I could help them get a recycle program started and I thought this would be the perfect way to do it. Recycle Across America gave me the standardized bin labels so it’s easy to see what kinds of recycled items go in the bins. Thank you Gyan and Kavi for inviting me out to your school and you guys are my heroes for wanting to help clean up the planet and getting your school involved. Check out the video!

Ryan featured in UNITS MAGAZINE

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Wow! Ryan featured in 2 page spread in the November issue of UNITS magazine. Thank you Valet Living for supporting Ryan’s efforts to teach the world about recycling! Ryan went to 5 cities with Valet Living this year to teach people about recycling and to talk about his story with them. He’s looking forward to more cities next year with Valet Living!