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June 2018

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Beach Clean Up with Stephen Sharer!

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Yesterday, my best friend Wyatt and I got to do a beach clean up with my favorite YouTube star, Stephen Sharer. It was really cool to meet him and we picked up 4 buckets of trash at Doheny Beach. I also got to introduce Stephen to my friends at the Pacific Marine Mammal center where he learned about what they do too. Stephen’s next vlog will be about his beach clean up and I’m so excited after the past few years of watching him that I actually get to be in one of his videos!!! Check Stephen out at https://www.youtube.com/user/spstricky175 or my YouTube videos at: https://www.youtube.com/user/damionhickmandesign


Meeting Wyland

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Today I made a new friend. His name is Wyland and he’s a famous artist. I got a tour of his office and we had lunch together. I met his mom too and we all talked about saving the planet. I also got a really cool award from the Wyland Foundation and he’s going to come to my school after Summer break and paint with the kids and talk to us about keeping the oceans clean. He’s going to help me with a beach clean up soon too. I’ll invite everyone to join us. Thank you Wyland for an awesome day! See you again soon.

Quick Trip to Pocono

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My friends at Mack Trucks set up a really fun weekend in Pocono, PA for me. I went to the biggest indoor water park in the USA and got to go to a NASCAR race in Pocono. I met Richard Petty and I got some lug nuts as souvenirs from one of the race cars in the pit area. I saw a giant globe made out of peeps in Lehigh, PA and sit in a massage chair at the airport and I had a bunch of junk food. I got to see all my friends from Mack Trucks and I met some new friends too. Last but not least, I got the pilot to say happy birthday to my mom over the intercom on our flight home. My episode of Road Life airs on July 17th on Amazon Prime but a teaser video will be out at the end of the week on social media. Please check it out and let my friends at Mack know if you liked it. #roadlife #ryansrecycling