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June 2019

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Recycling and Filming with AOL

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Yesterday we recycled most of the day and we were followed around by a film crew making a video doc about me for an upcoming series called MINI MOGULS. We recycled a lot – it was about 14,000 cans and bottles and the crazy thing is we skipped the golf course pick up since we were out of time. I’ll go back this weekend to pick up from them so this week is probably going to be over 20,000 items recycled. I get a lot of email from people asking how to recycle. It’s easy. Just make sure items like cans, glass and plastic bottles go into your recycle bin or take them to a recycle center. You don’t have to be crazy about recycling like me but every little bit helps the earth. Thank you everyone who helps me recycle and I’m really proud of all the kids who email and send me letters every day around the world who are recycling now after seeing how easy it is to do. Here’s a link to the finished video.

Ryan interviewed by Nothing Wasted podcast JUNE 3

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June 3, 2019 | Ryan Hickman, Founder of Ryan’s Recycling

At only 9 years old, Ryan Hickman has big dreams of saving the planet (and feeding those California sea lions) one bottle and can at a time. We talked to Ryan about how $5 from his first trip to a recycling facility turned into a huge passion, how his family helps with Ryan’s Recycling, his successful beach cleanups, and how this helps him master math and geography. Oh and how he met Ellen DeGeneres and took over Lebron James’ Instagram story. (true story!) Get ready to be inspired by this young entrepreneur.