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February 2018

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Ryan’s Recycling Challenge featured at Waste360

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An autograph from recycling entrepreneur Ryan Hickman just got even cooler. Not only has the young recycler raised thousands of dollars for charity and recycled almost 300,000 cans and bottles, but he’s also recently mastered cursive.

Eight-year-old Ryan of California has been recycling cans and bottles with his dad for almost five years. This year, he’s issued a challenge to anyone who will join him to recycle 300,000 cans and bottles before May 1. The initiative is the product of years of work, but it started on a much smaller scale.

“Initially, it was just he and I going to our local recycling facility with just two small kitchen bags of plastic water bottles that we had used at the house,” says Ryan’s dad, Damion Hickman. The experience, unassuming as it was, was enough to get Ryan hooked, and the business was born.

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Seal Release Event with Pacific Marine Mammal Center today

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Super cool event this morning at Aliso Beach. Ryan got to release his favorite seal (Heartbreaker). She is a Northern Fur Seal that was being rehabilitated by the crew at Pacific Marine Mammal Center. Ryan’s donations make events like this possible. Learn how you can help by visiting www.beadoer.io/ryan or at www.ryansrecycling.com. See all the action here: https://www.diversityinsteam.com/2018/01/08/student-recycles-save-money-college/