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Today was a big day for us. This morning’s truckload to the recycling center pushed us over the $10K saved mark for Ryan’s Recycling! It’s been a lot of hard work and we estimate approximately 200,000 cans and bottles sorted and processed over the last 4 years. Thank you to El Niguel Country Club and all of Ryan’s Recycling customers. Ryan couldn’t do it without you!



  • Fiachra says:

    Greetings from Dublin in Ireland on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, over 5000 miles away! Keep up the good work guys! We have a monthly beach clean up here in Dublin. So we’re with you in spirit! Peace out!

    • Ryan's Recycling says:

      Thank you! Ryan is doing a school report on the UK right now so I just told him he has a fan in Ireland and he was so excited about that. Thank you for your support and this sudden exposure to his story is amazing. His story has truly gone worldwide. -Damion (Ryan’s dad)

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