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Congressman Darrell Issa visits Ryan’s Recycling!

It’s not every day that you have a Congressman stop by your house to say hi and to check out your business. Yesterday was our day. California Congressman Darrell Issa visited Ryan’s Recycling Headquarters. Mr Issa talked with Ryan about sustainability and gave us some insight into how Ryan could grow his business. He also gave us some good ideas for the future and he gave Ryan a Congressional coin as a momento. Thank you to Mr Issa and his staff for making this happen.


  • Bob Frank says:

    Since Issa is a piece of garbage why don’t you take him away with the other trash to your recycling center. Maybe he’ll be turned into an actual human being. Otherwise, screw him and apparently you if you;r enabling that piece of lying crap. His days are numbered.

  • Alice Branca says:

    How nice of Mr. Issa to take the time to meet and encourage this young environmentalist. At seven years old, Ryan understands that he can, and should do something to help save our planet. I sure hope Mr. Issa can share this young boy’s story with Mr. Pruitt.

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