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WE DAY CALIFORNIA was held at the Los Angeles Forum on April 19th. I was asked to be a speaker at the event and it was super cool. I went up and rehearsed on Apr 17th for the morning with my Dad and then on the 19th, my Mom and Dad went with me. I got to hang out in the green room most of the day and checking out the show from “Talent” seating. I got to meet a lot of famous people and I even had people want to take pictures with me too. So cool. I got to meet a lot of celebrities and I made some new friends. One of those friends was an 11 year old girl named Khloe Thompson and she runs KHLOE KARES. She puts together care packages for the homeless. I’m going to go help her with that soon and she’s going to come down and do a beach clean up with me too.

When it came time for me to go up on stage and tell my story about what I do, I got some butterflies in my stomach but I went out and did my best. It felt really cool to hear everyone cheering for me and I hope to do another event like this in the future. Thank you WE for having me on the show this year. Here’s a video link to my speaking part with my new friend  Drew Scott!


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